We are BlueValley


We support handloom weavers across India to produce scarves, fabrics and fashion accessories.


We facilitate, organize and provide logistics solutions for import and export to and from India.


We make bags, boxes, gift ideas and much more as per your requirements. Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your projects with you.

Our Products


FOOTCARE Happy feet are the surest way to a happy day. Fragrant, light and ergonomically designed, our cinnamon insoles ensure a great day at work, home, even hiking, always keeping your feet fresh and soft! Switzerland has enjoyed our original hand-crafted insoles for the past 12 years. Tailored to contemporary demands, in styles to suit…


FRAGRANCES Each of our fragrances embarks you into an enchanting vintage journey. This art form that survived several centuries is entirely hand-made and organic, and involves the purest essential oils. Each of our perfumes is a tribute to the invaluable artisans who are losing out to the mass-production industry. Our products whole-heartedly embrace the global…


SCARVES Discover a fading art form of eastern India, delicate hand-woven tales of an ancient time. Our exquisite scarves are made of local fibers - Mulberry, Spun Silks, Tussars, Mugas, Cotton, Linen and Wool. We bring you detailed textures and patterns from a remote village in West Bengal. Each scarf you buy helps us empower…

Upcoming Events

For the past 9 years Blue Valley has organized and participated in a number of trade shows, professional and prestigious exhibitions and events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These venues provide us with great opportunities to showcase our products and to interact directly with our customers and end users.

If you would like to meet us, make sure to drop by at one of the exhibitions at your convenience. Otherwise, we would be happy to welcome you at our atelier in Fribourg, Switzerland. Do call and make sure we are there!