Each of our fragrances embarks you into an enchanting vintage journey. This art form that survived several centuries is entirely hand-made and organic, and involves the purest essential oils. Each of our perfumes is a tribute to the invaluable artisans who are losing out to the mass-production industry. Our products whole-heartedly embrace the global handicraft-preservation venture. Enjoy from a selection of incense sticks, perfumed and decorated candles, scented silk sachets and reed diffusers.


Happy feet are the surest way to a happy day. Fragrant, light and ergonomically designed, our cinnamon insoles ensure a great day at work, home, even hiking, always keeping your feet fresh and soft! Switzerland has enjoyed our original hand-crafted insoles for the past 12 years. Tailored to contemporary demands, in styles to suit you best, we offer "Classic", “Slim” "Dynamic", "Sport" and "Leather" models. Our nouveauté: an exclusive indoor range of cinnamon footwear.


Indulge in Nature's way of understanding and nourishing your skin through the Indian "Ayurveda" system or "The Knowledge of Life". This ancestral system of medicine concentrates on organic extracts - herbs, minerals and vegetable. Hand-made soaps, soothing face-wash, warm face-masks and refreshing body wash sweetly balance and complement each other. We believe in an animal-friendly environment, our Beauty Care range is not tested on animals.


Discover a fading art form of eastern India, delicate hand-woven tales of an ancient time. Our exquisite scarves are made of local fibers - Mulberry, Spun Silks, Tussars, Mugas, Cotton, Linen and Wool. We bring you detailed textures and patterns from a remote village in West Bengal. Each scarf you buy helps us empower the village weavers invest in their business and stabilise their livelihood as an endangered community.

Gift Concepts

India has a spirited diversity of regional handicraft skills and Blue Valley is committed to giving this traditional profusion an international platform.

This special range of products highlights intricate needle work, tribal crafts, natural fiber and ecofriendly artisanship, fashion accessories and festive decorations - all excellent gift ideas while helping us sustain whole families of such artisans.